FAQ about Web Design, Flash Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Icon Design, Banner Design, Branding and Identity, Text Copyrighting, SEO, XHTML/CSS coding, PHP coding, Domain and Hosting

What is Impress Designs?

Impress Designs is a studio for web design and development. We are offering a wide range of services including: web design, flash design, logo design, icon design, banner design, branding and indenity, text copright and editing, domain and hosting, graphic design, SEO, web application as e-commerce, CMS, customers logging, and much more.

What are the advantages of using Impress Designs?

Our studio staff consists of experienced designers, programmers and text copywriters. We make modern, clean, stylish, static and dynamic web sites that follow usability and accessibility standards and latest design trends. We are able to realize all your needs and ideas and also provide you with new ideas and solutions for your business.

What is the prices of your services?

Prices of our services are different and depend on many things like number of pages, services etc. Estimated cost of standard package that includes web design, logo design, icon design, banner design, XHTML/CSS coding, with your content from 5-15 pages, is about $300. Other services like domain & hosting, text copyrighting, flash animation, SEO, PHP coding, etc are charged extra. For example text copyright is $20 per 1 page (in word A4 format, font Arial 12, 30 lines); domain and hosting are $70 per year etc.

How fast you can build my web site?

Duration of the design process depends on the service that you take and the number of pages. Standard package that includes web design, logo design, icon design, banner design, XHTML/CSS coding, consisting of about 5 to 15 pages takes estimated 7 days.

What about communication?

Communication is the most important part in design process and that's why we pay special attention to it. During the design process we will be in touch with you every day, enabling you to monitor the whole process.

What is Web Design?

Simply said, web design is a process of making a web site. Explaining it in more detail it consists of many parts. First part is designing a look of web site in Photoshop. This design consists of logo, icons, banners, rollover links, colors, text, images etc. The next step is coding that design in XHTML/CSS. After that we get a finished web site. On that web site it is possible to put flash and DHTML/Java Script animation, PHP, MySL web applications etc. When web site is finished, that site should be uploaded on the server. The final stage in the web site creation process is submitting the site to the search engines in order to attract visitors to the site.

What is XHTML/CSS coding?

This is the latest technology in web design. XHTML/CSS coding is placing a design that was made by Photoshop in XHTML/CSS code. Web sites that are coded in XHTML/CSS are without tables, they have small codes and fast loading of complex pages.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is optimization site for search engines. With this service you will get the top position on the search engines for search criteria. This means new visitors to your web site. SEO means choosing the right target keywords that visitors might use when they search for your site, putting those keywords in your site's text, images, links, heading, meta tags etc; submiting the site to the top search engines and directories; link exchange with other similar web sites.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is designing and preparing project for printing like: business cards, posters, flyers, letterheads, envelopes, invitations, catalogues, billboards, menus etc.

What is Domain and Hosting?

Domain is an internet address of your site for example: yoursite.com. Hosting is a space in server where your web site pages are stored.

What is Branding and Identity?

Branding and identity means creating a name and image of your company to be easily recognize by your customers. Brand talks about you and gives an impression about you to the customers.

What are Web Applications?

Web Applications are dynamic technologies able to give new and advanced opportunities to web sites like e-commerce or online selling products, customer logging, phorums and much more. One of the most used technologies is Content Management System or CMS which allows you to make updates to your web site by yourself, without the help of a designer, developer or any other person.