Services of Impress Design studio : Web Design, Flash Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Icon Design, Banner Design, Branding and Indemnity, Text Coprighting, SEO, XHTML/CSS coding, PHP coding, Domain and Hosting

Web Design

Web Design means making a large image of your site in Photoshop. That design consists of logo, icons, banners, rollover links, colors, text, images etc. Web sites that we design are modern, clean, original and good looking and follow latest design trends. We can apply all your needs and ideas, and if you don't have the ideas we can provide you with them. Alongside the design we also make the page structure and hierarchy of information. If you have an existing web site, but you are not satisfied with its look, we can redesign it and make your site in CSS-based layout.

XHTML/CSS coding

After the design in Photoshop is finished, that layout should be coded in CSS. XHTML/CSS coding is the latest technology in web design that every site should have. The advantages of CSS are numerous, but for your site it means layout without tables, small code and fast loading of complex pages and image overloaded pages. During the coding process we take care of usability and accessibility standards.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is extra service for your business. We will design your business projects for printing: business cards, posters, flyers, letterheads, envelopes, invitations, catalogues, billboards, menus etc.

Domain & Hosting

We are offering to you the service of opening a domain for your site and hosting services. Domain is an internet address of your site for example: and hosting is a space in the server where your web site pages are stored. Our standard hosting package includes: 1 GB space, 20 GB traffic, unlimited number of e-mails, domain and sub-domains, blog, statistic, web mail, ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, SSL, MySQL. If you take our hosting package you will have our technical support for free.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important processes in web site marketing. You may have the most beautiful web site in the world, but it doesn't guarantee you that you will have visitors on it. SEO brings you the visitors!

SEO is very long process and it means site optimization for search engines, thus meaning for the search criteria the site will be on the first page of the most popular search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. Only the first page on this SE brings many new visitors on your site.

SEO package includes:

  • Choosing the right target keywords that visitors might use when they search for your site.
  • Putting those keywords in your site's text, images, links, heading, meta tags etc.
  • Submitting your site to the top search engines and directories.
  • Link exchange with other similar web sites. Link exchange will increase your web site's PR, from which depends position of your site on Google.

All parts of SEO process are not automotive. It means that submitting to SE and Link exchange is not performed by a program, but it is done by humans.

Identity & Branding

If you have a business but you don't have the name and a logo for it - you should get one fast! To be successful every business should build its brand, a name that will be recognized by customers and consumers. Your business brand speaks about you and brings the first impression about you to the customers. Your business identity should be clear and stylish.

We will realize your ideas about your name and if you don't have ideas we will brand your business for you!

Site Maintaining

After we design your web site and host on the server, it is important to maintain your web site. Maintaining the web site means frequently updating the content of the site, placing new information, monitoring traffic, broken links and visibility, so you can be sure that your site is running well. Frequently updating of the content is very important, not just for page rank on search engines, but also for attracting new and old visitors to visit your site again and again. Remember that returning visitors always need fresh content.

Web Development

If you need to update your site and place new information frequently, Content Management System or CMS is the right choice for you. With CMS you will be able to make any updates in any time yourself, without the help of a designer, developer or any other person. Another possibility of updating your content is trough blogs.

Copyright Content

If you don't have a text we will make it for you. Our professional content writers and editors will make a dynamic, original and informative content for your site.

Web Applications

PHP makes your site dynamic. There are a lot of advance technologies that PHP brings. Online shop or e-commerce allows you to sell your products online. For example, when customers view your products, if they want to make a purchase they want to do it immediately. If they don't have an option of an immediate on-line purchase they may go to another site. Besides e-commerce other possibilities with dynamic sites shows: customers logging, site search, phorums etc.

Prices and Deadlines

Prices depend of many factors such as the number of pages, services etc. Standard package of static design include: web design, logo design, icon design, banner design, XHTML/CSS coding, with your content from 10-15 pages. Estimate price of the standard package costs $290.

Other services like domain & hosting, text writing, flash animation, SEO, PHP coding, etc are charged extra. For example text copyright is $20 per 1 page (in Word A4 format, font Arial 12, 30 lines); domain and hosting are $70 per year etc.

Once we make an agreement the estimated time for the completion of the standard package design is about 7 days.

Payment is done after we provide you with serrvice (web site, program, text, domain & hosting etc). You are not obligate to send us any money in advance.

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Refund Policy

If you are not satisfies with our services we will refund you money.